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Take The Mother Road To Tally’s Cafe

When visiting a new city, there are always a few iconic stops that just have to be experienced. In Tulsa, one of them is Tally’s Good Food Cafe on the old Route 66. The restaurant opened on Friday the 13th in November of 1987. Open 7 days a week, Tally’s serves breakfast (all day), lunch, and dinner to locals and travelers alike.

We want to thank Tally’s Good Food Cafe for their hospitality. Rest assured that all opinions are our own.

The new bar area at Tally's Good Food Cafe.

An Iconic Look

When Tally purchased the building, it had only one dining area, and was in need of lots of work. Since those early days, he has added additional dining rooms to help serve the ever increasing crowds. Tally has embraced the Route 66 theme, and brought the feel of the old roadside diner back to life. Of course, for Tally it isn’t only about growing a successful business, he also believes in giving back. Beginning the first year he opened, each Thanksgiving he opens his doors to feed the homeless.

A huge cinnamon roll is a mainstay to Tally's Cafe.

Tulsa’s Best Cinnamon Roll

We were seated in one of the red 1950’s style booths, and ordered some coffee. Of course, we ordered coffee, it was breakfast time after all. While we scanned the menus, (they have over 100 items to choose from) tally brought us one of his famous cinnamon rolls. We aren’t sure if the picture does it justice, but this was a huge roll. What made it the most amazing was how soft the bread was. This sweetly coated treat melts in your mouth, and we were tempted to devour the whole thing. Of course, we knew that we should leave room for more of the menu items.

Fruity French Toast with cinnamon apple compote.

Breakfast All Day

One of the main appeals of Tally’s Good Food Café is that they serve breakfast all day long. This is welcomed by workers from many professions that do shift work. It is also popular with travelers, who enjoy the option of a filling breakfast meal while taking a break from the road. We were here during regular breakfast hours, and were happy to test their extensive menu. Crystal chose the Fruity French Toast with Cinnamon Apples and Whipped Cream. These delicious slices of Texas Toast are topped with a sweet fruit compote, and come in an ample portion.

Waffles and Fried Chicken are one of the most popular breakfast menu items at Tally's cafe.

Going Southern

With such a massive menu, I was struggling with a choice, until I came upon the item labeled “Tally’s Favorite“. It was obvious that this man knew a few things about good food, and I decided to follow his lead. When our waitress brought my order, it required two plates. One for the chicken and eggs, and one for the waffle.  The Belgian style waffle was crisp and sweet, and came with a dusting of powdered sugar, as well as a dollop of whipped cream. It is served with twin chicken strips and two eggs any style. When my plates were placed in front of me, I knew there was no chance that I could finish it all. I did give it my best try, as I knew I would be walking a lot of it off at the Tulsa Zoo. (You can read more about the zoo here.>)

Tally is the owner operator of Tally's Cafe in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

A Route 66 Landmark

With our appetites completely conquered, we knew it was time to head toward our next destination. A great meal at an iconic restaurant was the perfect start to a day filled with exploration. Before we left we just had to capture a picture of Tally, and he was happy to oblige. We were so glad we got to meet this wonderful man, and his great staff. It’s easy to see why this place has be given so many great accolades. It is also understandable why people stop by from all over the world, when they are traveling the Mother Road. Have you ever dined at Tally’s Good Food Cafe? What are your favorite menu items? We would love to hear what we should check out on our next visit.

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