Taking It To The Hole – Prehistoric Putt

When we heard that Kansas City has a new mini-golf destination, we couldn’t wait to check it out. Crystal and I have long enjoyed a fun round of miniature golf. Prehistoric Putt, located at 13907 E. US Hwy 40 in Independence, is filled with some challenges that are unlike any we have seen before. We had to use some new skills when taking it to the hole. Fortunately, we had some company during this visit, so we all learned from each other’s mistakes.

Pick Your Poison

Prehistoric Putt has 3 courses, each with their own unique design elements. Crystal was the one who first heard of this place, so we let her choose our direction. The Red Course includes a chance to zip-line and she had been waiting for that. We grabbed our clubs and golf balls and headed to the course. Our visit took place during Spring Break, so the place was flush with visitors. No problem for us, as this gave us an opportunity to scope out each of the challenges that lied ahead.

Game Time

The people who designed the course added plenty of fun elements. One hole required putting through a Foosball table, while the others in the group attempted to stop the ball. These actions elicited some laughs, as we watched the grandkids try their first shot at Foosball. Later we came to a hole that requires some Pinball skills. Depending on your ability (or luck) the ball shoots out of one of the holes leading toward its final destination. 

Taking It To The Hole

About halfway through the course we landed at the Zip-line hole. Here players can choose to putt like normal, but what fun is there in that? Instead, we took turns zipping along the course as we plunged toward the hole. The goal is to release the ball at the perfect moment to get it to roll into the cup. Let’s just say none of us had a hole-in-one. That’s okay, because we all had a good time. 

Celebrataion Time

After completing our round, we decided to head off for a victory round of ice cream. There’s no better way to celebrate a job well done than with some creamy delights. As we ate our ice cream, we reminisced about the fun we had. It was decided that a return visit would be needed to challenge the other course, but that would have to wait for another day. For now, we were happy with our results of taking it to the hole. 

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