A fresh glass of Salty Bird gave us something to sip while we perused the menu at Burg & Barrel.

Tapping Into Taste – Burg & Barrel

Living in a city filled with amazing food and drink destinations means that the options always outweigh the opportunities. With the winter weather releasing its grip on Kansas City, it’s time for us to spend more time exploring. Over the colder months, we make note of places we pass and add them to our “future visits” list. Since we attempt to avoid repeating cuisines too often, the need to locate new eateries is always in the back of our mind. Tapping into the taste of Kansas City is much more than barbecue. A wide range of flavors awaits those willing to venture out from their old standards. Since our grill has sat idle for weeks, we were in the mood for some beefy treats.

We want to thank Burg & Barrel for hosting our visit. Rest assured all opinions are our own.

It is easy to find menu dishes that will have you tapping into taste at Burg and Barrel.

Out of the Way

During a visit to a new dining hall experience at Strang Hall, we spotted another potential destination. Locating Burg & Barrel, in Overland Park, can be a challenge for those not familiar with the neighborhood. It sits quietly at 7042 W. 76th Street, which puts it just off the main drag along Metcalf Avenue. This was not our first sighting, as a full parking lot will usually grab our attention. We had also noticed an increase of activity on their Instagram account. Those delicious looking photos of food certainly enticed us to reach out for a visit. We scheduled a visit for a Sunday lunch, since we were informed it was a little less crowded at that time. While that was true when we arrived, it didn’t take long for a crowd to filter in and fill the space.

Tapping into taste, at Burg and Barrel, included a couple of appetizer dishes like Onion Rings and loaded Tator Tots.

Getting Started

With their tempting menu laid out before us, I decided to order a drink while we discussed options. The Salty Bird lives up to its name by bringing the taste of the tropics to the table. We added a couple of appetizers to our order, which would tide us over while we selected our main courses. Their twin towers of Amber ale battered Onion Rings had a nice crunch that had us coming back for more bites. A bowl of Loaded Spuds had us tapping into a taste combination that really impressed us. The combination of tator tots, bacon bits, pepper jack cheese, sour cream, and green onion was a flavorful mix. We would end up with too much food for two, but we kept returning to this particular dish for more bites.

Crystal was tapping into taste when she sunk her teeth into the Spicy Avocado Burger.

A Spicy Avocado

I can remember the days that Crystal would stick to the most generic dishes on the menu. Her burger choices would be the American style that resembled one that just came off the grill at a backyard barbecue. These days she has expanded her culinary horizon by adding more spice to her diet. The Spicy Avocado Burger offers a nice combination of tastes that blend together with near perfection. Burg & Barrel takes their Angus beef patty and tops it with cheddar cheese and applewood smoked bacon. That would make a good bacon cheeseburger, but they didn’t stop there. Throw on some avocado slices and Chipotle-Cilantro mayo for extra flavor. As if we didn’t have enough carbs, the plate comes with a side, and Crystal chose the Sweet Potato Fries.

The Cowboy Burger reminded us of what one could assemble at a summer cookout.

Saddle Up Cowboy

I’ve been menu adventurous for a longer period, so these days I look for dishes that are photogenic. Tapping into taste will almost always be a given if you pick a restaurant’s most notable menu item. In the burger category, it would be the Cowboy Burger at Burg & Barrel. This selection was a nice alternative to firing up our own grill. It starts much like Crystal’s choice, with Angus beef patty, smoked bacon, and cheddar cheese. The standard veggie accompaniments are just what you would expect at a cookout. The difference is that they reach new burger heights when they toss on one of their puffy, yet crunch onion rings. It almost required me to unhinge my jaw to devour this masterpiece.

The authors rest after a scrumptious lunch where they were tapping into taste at Burg and Barrel.

Tapping Into Taste at Burg & Barrel

If you think this was a lot of food, you are absolutely correct. It was quickly apparent that we could not finish it all, but our taste buds kept drawing us back for bites. During bouts of digestion, we would gaze around the space. Crystal made note of the various beer taps that line the rafters of Burg & Barrel. While we didn’t count them, it was obvious they have more than 100 on display. We also noticed that many of the other patrons seemed to be regulars. Clearly this place serves double duty being a neighborhood bar, as well as a metropolitan restaurant. It is also a good reminder to keep your eyes peeled when cruising around town on errands. You’d be surprised how many of these delectable dining options are hidden all around town.

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