East meets west at Buck Tui BBQ.

East Meets West – Buck Tui BBQ

Judging barbecue restaurants has always been subjective. We’ve approached our visits with an open mind. This has allowed us to find something we enjoy at each stop. A relative newcomer, to the Kansas City BBQ scene, is Buck Tui BBQ at 6737 W. 75th Street, in Overland Park. Their menu is a mix of East meets West, as they combine Thai and barbecue with visual splendor. For our inaugural visit, we decided to try a few different dishes, so that we could get a good variety of their flavors. 

East meets West

From the moment we stepped through the door, we knew this was not going to be like our regular barbecue stops. A large mural occupied one wall of the restaurant. It served as a reminder that the flavor combinations were going to be unique.  

Clean Lines and Spaces

The interior was comfortable and spacious. Our dinner visits, when blogging, usually occur during the earlier hours. This allows us to avoid the crowds and minimizes the stress on staff. Even with our early arrival, there were already a few people enjoying the food. Our server asked if it was our first visit, and was more than willing to walk us through the menu. Pit master Ted Liberda has concocted a nice array of dishes that showcases the best of both cuisines.

Simple Beginnings

We started with an appetizer, knowing that we would be taking leftovers home by the end of our meal. Being in our hometown makes this feat easier. The Brisket Rangoons have a familiar appearance, but hold a surprise inside. The filling is a mixture of barbecue brisket and marinated cream cheese. The flavor combination teased our taste buds with the flavors to come. These six pieces of delight would not make into the to-go containers. 

East Meets West

With large portions being dished out, we would usually split an entrée. Tonight we decided to kick it up a notch and go all out. Crystal had read the description of the Pineapple Rib Fried Rice and couldn’t wait to sample it. That left me free t choose one of the BBQ plates. When our server delivered this rice dish to our table, I couldn’t wait to take photos. Usually I’m eager to capture the images for all of you. This night it was because I couldn’t wait to dive into the meal. The ribs were tender without the meat being too loose. Just the way I like them. It was the rice that stole the show. Adding pineapple to the mixture brought a slight sweet aftertaste to the dish.  

Discovering a New Favorite

My choice was a Two-Meat Plate that included brisket and pulled pork. Served over a bed of jasmine rice, they both brought a smoky goodness to the palate. This entrée comes with the choice of one side, which for us was the Mac & Cheese. In no time we found ourselves elbow deep into our meals. While we gave it a good effort, we were unable to polish off both of the plates. I secretly celebrated the leftover lunches I would be enjoying that week. Now that we know Buck Tui BBQ exists, it will be on our barbecue radar every time we head toward Overland Park. Have you sampled their combination of East meets West?

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